Apr 24, 2018

Not Conflict Resolution At All

As long as agreeing to disagree and never admitting fault remain acceptable, no problem ever really gets solved, only pushed aside, and allowed to fester and grow. As a matter of fact, instead of conflict resolution these are rewards for bad behavior that are destroying our society as a whole.

Apr 23, 2018

Definition of Democracy

A political system which by design, only a complete collapse will bring about political change as the elites can always use the peoples' money to bribe whoever is elected.

Wendy's Frosty

Cold, Cold Heart

Wendy was locked in the Tasty Freeze
by order of the King.
Her crime was trying to best the clown,
somewhere, a fry did sing,
"We'll cover her with special sauce
and cool her body down,
wipe her buns with mayonnaise
and feed her to the town."

Get the latest coverage of the Fast Food Wars, right here, exclusively at Fast Food Wars 'cause there really is nothin' better to do.

Besides, it's the only war you can taste and still live to tell.

Apr 15, 2018

History Of Wackemall, Part 79: Chief Sequoya

The History of Wackemall would be forever incomplete without the story of Chief Wackemall and Chief Sequoya

The Wackemall were part of the Aniyvwiyaʔi or Cherokee: ᏣᎳᎩ, translit. Tsalagi) one of the indigenous peoples of the Southeastern Woodlands. Prior to the 18th century, but unlike the rest of the Cherokee who were concentrated in southwestern North Carolina, the Wackemall were concentrated in the Piedmont Region of North Carolina where they hunted, farmed, and mined wackemall that was traded with indigenous peoples from all over the Americas.

Much rarer that tobacco or gold, wackemall was prized by ingenious peoples everywhere but because only the Wackemall Tribe knew the secret to convert the raw materials into a finished product, all the tribes agreed to protect them and their secret throughout eternity.

When the first European settlers came to America it was assumed by all they had come to seize control of the wackemall.

The last of the great Wackemall Chiefs, Chief Wackemall (Actually all Wackemall chiefs were named Chief Wackemall) once met with the Cherokee silversmith and creator of the Cherokee written language, George Gist or George Guess, whose Cherokee name was Sequoyah. (c.1770—1843). It was then the Great Chief Sequoyah told Chief Wackemall.

"Don't take down names. Writing Cherokee Syllabary too slow. Just wackemall!"

And so once again the History of Wackemall uncovers history that otherwise would never have been written with or without a syllabary.

Definition Of Philanthropist

Someone who spends his or her time spending his or her ill gotten gains under the guise of charity in attempts to curry the favor of politicians and the forgiveness of future generations who will suffer because of the means the
philanthropist used to gain the money given away.

Synonym: Philander

Definition of Philander

One who will screw anyone given a chance.

Definition Of Charity

  Giving away stuff one don't need to others who don't need your stuff.