Jan 22, 2018

Howitzer For Trade?

No, there's not really a Howitzer in the box nor do
I have a Howitzer, but I think the box once contained ammunition for a Howitzer. It's hard to read but it says Howitzer on the box and the word "explosive" is on the top.

I bought the box at the Army-Navy Surplus Store on what was then West Lee Street in Greensboro, North Carolina over 30 years ago to store some valuables in. I packed it all away and only removed the valuables a few days ago.

Now I no longer need the box.

So I decided I'll barter it away for something cool, odd, valuable, or just something I don't have. If nobody wants it then I guess it will become firewood.

No, I'm not paying shipping and the table, yardstick, and neighbor's property are not included.

Interested? E-mail me at RecycleBill@gmail.com

Jan 21, 2018

The Secret To Being


In wisdom there is much to know
and little to be found
to quiet the troubled minds these days,
that everywhere, abound.
For as it is, the more you learn,
the more the pain
around you, you'll soon see.
And so it is, to just stay dumb
is the wisest way to be...

Jan 20, 2018

Throwing Fast Food Under The Bus

 Undisclosed Location-- Embedded deep behind enemy lines risking heart attack, strokes and heart burn with every bite, Wackemall Network News special corespondent, Tuna F Taco brings us the latest reports.

Sparklers Lite The Drive-thru

South of the border, in a pizza hut,
Pacific Shrimp, they ride burritos.
Gordito, drunk on mountain dew,
gorging one half pound potatoes.
Fruistas, they dance down the street
as chalupas watch nearby
never knowing of the King
and his plans for them to die.

And the clown laughs," Guess it's just you and me now."

Wow, can you believe it? To date there have been over 9000 battles fought in the Fast Food War and you're still yet hear to read about them in the lame stream media. What are you complaining about? I'm the one who had to eat that stuff.

Jan 18, 2018

Why No Signs Saying Homeless Americans Welcome?

Why only signs saying "Refugees Welcome Here"?

Why no signs welcoming homeless Americans, homeless veterans, homeless teens, or help for pregnant teens?

Because no one is threatening to deport homeless Americans, homeless veterans, pregnant teens, or homeless teens. We simply ignore their plight instead of threatening to deport them.

Now why not share the truth just as fervently as you shared the lies?

Jan 17, 2018

Maybe Frosty Can Dig You Out

Be Careful What You Wish For
Twelve inches, Twelve inches, was that what you planned?
It's still coming down-- all you can stand.
They've closed all the schools, the buses can't go
just because, you wanted some snow.
You pantry is empty, cupboard is bare;
you need to go shopping but no one is there.
The stores are all closed, restaurants closed too.
I guess you'll be boiling your old leather shoes.
The power's gone out, you can't build a fire
so you put on more clothes, pile the covers up higher.
You're trapped in your house with no place to go
because you thought you wanted some snow.

Jan 16, 2018

The Secret Life Of The Parking Meter

A Parking Meter Reminisces

In Chicago, we're slaves to Abu Dhabi,
and in Nashville, Los Angeles too.
In Pittsburgh, we slave to grifters
and the nation is getting its due.
The Emirates stand upon our necks,
leave us choking on their brew
while the Goldmans auction us thru the banks
and we dream of the life we once knew.

A tip of the meter to an anonymous parking meter for pointing me to the secret information for this, the latest in my series, The Parking Meters Tell All, a Parking Meter Poetry exclusive report.What were you expecting, Page 3 Girls?

Jan 15, 2018

Make Up Your Mind

Failure to keep an open mind begins with making decisions before their time is due.
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