Nov 17, 2017

Definition of: The Good Fight

I asked my readers for a definition of "the good fight". You see, people have been telling me for years and years to keep up the good fight but to me it seems those people don't always agree on just what the good fight is.

One reader defined the good fight as "Stayin' alive."

For some I guess, but isn't there more to life than just staying alive to fight another day?

Another reader defined the good fight as: "People pouring their hearts, souls and savings into something they believe in for little reward or recognition.." and went on to point out that I'm in the club.

I replied, "Terrorists pour their hearts, souls, savings, and even their lives into something they believe in for little reward or recognition.."

My reader seemed to agree I'd blown his definition right out of the water.

Another said, "The good fight is when you stay the course despite the odds, keeping the faith, trusting God rather than man."

I replied: "That makes the assumption that we mortals know God's will."
Yet another reader wrote "
Aha! The "Good Fight" [idiom]: In hindsight believing that one has enjoyed the activity, having engaged in a positive attitude before and during the struggle."To which I countered, "But doesn't right or wrong come into play? Surely the rapist or terrorist can often say he enjoyed the activity, having engaged in a positive attitude before and during the struggle-- can he not?"

And he replied: "
No, Right or wrong does not come into play. Those are cultural distinctions not shared worldwide."

So what is "the good fight?"

Well in the end, what it comes down to is this: The Good Fight is any cause other people want you to fight on their behalf because they, themselves, are too lazy, scared, or apathetic to fight for themselves.

Nov 16, 2017

Evolution Proven On City Streets

Everything evolves. Art, science, humanity, nothing escapes evolution. Call it theory if you like but the arguments against evolution are no more than fragile hypothesis with no basis in fact and no chance of stepping-up to become theory. In other words, these arguments are unable to evolve to the level of theory making them the exception that proves the rule. And no where in our world is proof of evolution stronger and more recognizable than in those who line our modern city streets.

Post Modern Parking Meter

No Need To complain,
no need to get spastic.
Don't have any change?
Fine, I take plastic!

So if you are tired,
perhaps feeling lethargic,
don't worry 'bout cash
'cause now you can charge it!

Today's highly evolved Parking Meter Poem has been made possible by everyone who feeds the parking meters.

Nov 15, 2017

As The Balls Go 'Round

Windows 10 Update

"Working on updates
100% complete"
So why am I still waiting?

Exposing Ugly Truths


Light is like water, it flows all around
in every direction, every surround.
You always want more, you can't get enough
'til the light shines on you exposing your rough...

Nov 14, 2017

The 100 Year War Comes To Greensboro

Greensboro, NC- Police were put on full alert late last night when the war came to Downtown Greensboro. Wackemall Network News reporter Burger N Fries brings us the latest updates:

Hardee Gets Stung

Hardee screamed his final breath.
Thick Burgers would not save him.
Betrayed by the clown, ridiculed, put down,
the King would soon enslave him.
Sentenced to live perpetually
the one nobody knew,
he cried to the Green Hornet...

And so it is, while Hardee and Carl Jr plot the assassination of the king, the Fast Food Wars drag on, everyone is hungry, and Greensboro awaits the next attack.

Nov 13, 2017

The Adventures Of Arnie And Jake: Chapter 2, Arnie's Vacation

Julia Weaver has been reading aloud my book, The Adventures Of Arnie And Jake-- Two Little Ants In A Big Ant Army. Today Julia brings us Chapter 2, Arnie's Vacation:

To be continued...

Some Of Us Simply Haven't The Patience

My second wife and I worked as a husband and wife truck driving team for a short while. One night in Gilroy, California, after driving 10 hours plus spending 4 hours unloading the truck I gave her directions, "Turn right and the end of the driveway and follow that road to the Interstate. Then go south. I'll wake up before you get to San Diego."

I woke up 8 hours later only to discover we were still in Gilroy, just a couple of miles from where she started driving. "What happened?" I asked. "Why are we still in Gilroy?"

"I've been driving all night," she answered "I got lost."

"Did you know you were lost?" I asked.

"Yes," she answered.

"So why didn't you wake me?" I asked.

"Because I was scared you'd be mad," she answered.

"Not nearly as mad as I am now," I grumbled.

But I didn't raise my voice, I made no threats, I simply gave her the correct directions and allowed her to drive her final 2 hours of her shift.

But when we got back to Greensboro, North Carolina I decided I would no longer be a part of a husband and wife truck driving team.

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